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Bass Fishing by lure or Fly is at the heart of what we do. With its rugged coastline, interrupted only by pristine estuaries and beaches, West Cork is renowned for its quality Bass Fishing. The window when Bass can be targeted by lure or Fly typically runs, during suitable tides from May to September, sometimes later if the weather holds. Bass Fishing Highlights are Top water Lure Fishing & Fly Fishing from the Kayaks and lure fishing from the shore with night fishing a very special treat under starry skies with the bioluminescence washing around your waders and the close support of your guide. Scale sampling is carried out from time to time as part of the national Bass program to better understand the Irish Bass population. 


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West Cork is blessed with a largely untouched population of plus sized Pollock which we target from the kayaks by Lure & Fly. I truly believe these are the hardest fighting fish we have in inshore Irish waters, possibly even including the lakes and rivers. We use tackle with just the right amount of power to stop the crash diving antics as the fish which can reach 10lb+ try and take you straight back down to their haunts amongst the kelp forests and Rocks, exilerating stuff and Also highly recommended! 


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Mullet have fascinated me since I caught my first as a seven year old boy and they continue to do so. Mainly Arriving as early as January in huge shoals of the Thick Lipped variety, by March they have normally settled into their routines when we can fish for them by fly using a 5wt setup. Renowned for being extremely spooky and very hard Fighting on light gear, sometimes known as the Irish Bonefish after their legendary warm water cousins, they have a reputation of being almost uncatchable at times and this can be true but with the right approach and a lot of patience - success is highly possible with fish of 5lbs+ quite common. 

Coarse Fishing

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I also now offer some coarse fishing at a beautiful local lake to suit youngsters who aren’t yet ready to take on coastal fishing. Float fishing for silver fish is where my angling journey began at the age of 10. I’m only too happy to return to this wonderful style of fishing, and with patient coaching in a safe environment, introduce the next generation anglers to the sport and start them on their angling journeys to who knows where? Contact me below to arrange a session.

Catch & Release

With fish populations around the world under huge pressure I firmly believe in catch and release in order to preserve what sportfish we have left for future generations. That said, if an angler wants to take a fish home within the regulations to enjoy with their family and maybe educate others a little about the fish species we here in Ireland I have no difficulty with that whatsoever. It's up to you to make the responsible choices whether that's fishing with me on on your own...
Oh and don't get me talking about farmed Salmon! :-) 

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